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How to Decorate Your Norfolk Island Pine Tree

We’re sharing decorating inspo to transform your year-round Norfolk Island Pine houseplant into a cheerful holiday tree, or live Christmas Tree alternative, for the holiday season.

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If you’re looking for a live alternative to the traditional Christmas Tree, or simply something in addition to, look no further than a very popular houseplant: the Norfolk Island Pine, or Araucaria heterophylla.

Despite its common name, the Norfolk Island Pine is not a pine but rather part of a more ancient lineage of cone-bearing trees in the Araucariaceaefamily. Although most cone-bearing trees like pines are adapted for cold conditions, the Norfolk Island Pine is a tropical plant that tends to prefer warmer temperatures, making it a wonderful option for a houseplant.

Enjoyed all year-round thanks to its easy-going nature and quirky yet symmetrical shape—the Norfolk Island Pine really shines around the holidays, when it can be easily transformed from beloved houseplant to cheerful holiday tree...

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Our friend Erika of @home.and.spirit added holiday flair to her Norfolk Island Pine by adding delicate string lights and rustic tin bells. She used floral wire and scissors to help secure her decor. Then to make her Norfolk even more festive and incorporate a pop of color, Erika added miniature glass ornaments in holiday hues.

We recommend picking what decor makes you happiest: whether it’s bright lights to bring the outdoor cheer in, or tiny ornaments to secure the traditional holiday look. Browse Etsy or your favorite home decor shop to find what suits you, or let us do the work for you by pairing our Norfolk Island Pine with The Sill x Kringley Ornaments.

Once you’ve added your favorite mini ornaments, string lights, or other decorations—bows, ribbons, mini candy canes!—on your Norfolk Island Pine, it’s time to figure out where to place it in your home. Wherever you place it, be sure to add it to any spot that receives bright indirect light so that it will thrive.

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