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The Fiddle Leaf Fig

  • Thursday delivery in NYC only 
  • Requires bright, indirect sunlight
  • Final sale only
  • See more details below


3 To 4 Foot Fiddle Bush
3 To 4 Foot Fiddle Tree
5 To 7 Foot Fiddle Tree

The Pot

We use a light fiberglass pot that is easy to move and easy on most floors. There is also no drainage to ensure your floor is safe.

The fiberglass core is handmade in Vietnam and hand-finished in the US using a proprietary process.

The Plant

The Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, or Ficus lyrata, is characterized by large, wavy green leaves - in the shape of a fiddle, of course - this tropical fig is actually capable of growing 40 feet tall in the jungle. As an indoor plant, the Fiddle Leaf Fig requires bright, indirect light and the warmth of the sun. It thrives best near South or West facing windows.

Fiddle Leaf Fig trees can be finicky - and will show stress by dropping its leaves. After an acclimation period in its new home, the Fiddle will surprise you with it's easy-going nature. 

The 3-4' Fiddle Bushes are younger with multiple trunks creating a full shape from pot to top. The 3-4' Fiddle Trees are bit more mature and just need a little love to grow in tall tree. The 5-7' foot Fiddle is more mature and has been pruned for years to create a straight, single trunk.

The Delivery

We deliver every Thursday in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

When checking out please leave as much information as possible regarding the building type, who will be recieving the order, etc.

Our team will contact you prior to delivery on Thursday unless otherwise indicated.

All Fiddle sales are final. Care instructions included.

No same day deliveries. Please order as early in the week as possible.

The Result

Fiddle Leaf Fig by The Sill in Apt 1 - NYC
Fiddle Leaf Fig by The Sill in Apt 2 - NYC