Venus Potion

Wooden Spoon Herbs

A few drops of this Venus-inspired collaboration with Shiva Rose will transform your reality. Rose immediately evokes sensuality and pleasure, while angy schisandra brings adaptogenic qualities and hormone support, and shatavari acts as a natural aphrodisiac. These herbs are all infused for one moon cycle, echoing the potency of our own cyclical natures. These magical allies combine to offer relaxation and a sensual state in all that we do. To use: take a dropperful up to four times a day.

  • 1 oz/30 ml with dropper lid
  • Ingredients: red rose petal, shatavari, schisandra, pink lady's slipper flower essence, plant-derived glycerin, distilled water

About the Brand

Wooden Spoon Herbs draws from lineage and land to consciously craft high-vibe plant remedies. They believe that herbalism offers gentle, full-spectrum healing that is able to replenish and renew you on all levels. Through seasonal medicine, staying close to our roots, and honoring the bounty of our bioregion, our creations rebuild the ancient link between your modern life and the wild wisdom of nature.

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