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The Jules NYC

  • Stoneware clay; drainage and saucer
  • 3"w x 3.25"h, (6" tall max with plant)
  • Care card included
  • Made in the US
  • See more details below


Matte White
Matte Black


Assorted Echinopsis Cactus
Assorted Low Light
Assorted Succulent
Chamaedorea elegans
Watermelon peperomia

The Pot

A contemporary planter with a timeless shape. The geometric Jules is as chic as a gem with it's seamless silhouette. Make it a mini moment or place them together to create a modular pattern.

Named after famed French plant hunter Jules Cardot. Monsieur Cardot explored the far reaches of both Alaska and Antarctica in search of tiny plants. Ultimately he found what he was looking for, along with fame and fortune.

The Plant