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The Fern Collection

  • 3 different varieties included 
  • Grown to fit 4" wide pot
  • Care info included

The Plant

You will receive (3) four inch ferns in grow pots for planting in your own containter. Pictured above and below are our three most common ferns for this collection, however due to the nature of nature, we may have to substitute out one variety for an even better one. If these will be your first ferns, you're in luck. They're easier to care for than your grandma's ferns but do require a bit of attention in terms of watering and misting.

The Delivery

Please order as early in the week as possible. These ferns don't like hanging out with the mailman over the weekend, so all orders toward the end of the week will be shipped the following Monday. Price does not include shipping, exact shipping will be calculated during checkout.
When you recieve your ferns, name them, water them, and love them. It's all we ask.

The Details

Governments work in mysterious ways, so we cannot ship to:
  • Arizona
  • Hawaii
  • Alaska
  • Anyone that lost to the US Women's World Cup Team

Varieties Included:

Nephrolensis exalta 'Emina Fern'

The Nephrolepis exaltata or Emina Fern is an less common variety of Boston fern. The spiraling fronds create a unique, other worldly silhouette. But when it comes to maintenance, this fern is very down to earth and more tolerant of drying out than other Boston ferns. It's also completely safe for your cat to eat this. Although it's highly unlikely your cat will add ferns to it's juice cleanse.

Pteris quadriaurita 'Tricolor'

This is the most colorful of the group (if you don't count shades of green). As new fronds grow (because of your love) they will turn from red to bronze and eventually green. You may have noticed this fern while hiking through it's native India or from the pages of the J. Peterman catalog. The name Pteris is an old Middle English term for fern. Clever.

Adiantum raddianum 'Maidenhair Fern'

The genus Adiantum comes from the Greek phrase "not wetting", which describes how fronds' can be watered but magically stay dry. In other words, like Taylor Swift, this fern can shake it off. Like you, this fern is often described as stunning. Unlike you, this fern does best in high humidity, so mist and water away.