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The Bird's Nest Fern Collection

  • 3 different varieties included 
  • Grown to fit 4" wide pot
  • Care info included 

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The Plants

You will receive (3) four inch bird's nest ferns in grow pots for planting in your own containters. Pictured above and below are our three most common ferns for this collection, however due to the nature of nature, we may have to substitute out one variety for an even better one. If these will be your first ferns, you're welcome. These are like the easiest ferns to grow.

The Delivery

Please order as early in the week as possible. These ferns don't like hanging out with the mailman over the weekend, so all orders toward the end of the week will be shipped the following Monday. Price does not include shipping, exact shipping will be calculated during checkout.
When you recieve your ferns, name them, water them, and love them. It's all we ask.

The Details

Governments work in mysterious ways, so we cannot ship to:
  • Arizona
  • Hawaii
  • Alaska
  • Anyone that lost to the US Women's World Cup Team

Asplenium nidus

This is your most basic bird's nest fern. If plants could hear sound, it would listen to Taylor Swift, but it would be above it: in the wild most bird's nest ferns live in trees.

Asplenium nidus

This is what happens when things get a little crazy in the gene pool: pointy leaves. Like all bird's nest fern, this one is super easy to grow and rarely sheds leaves.

Asplenium antiquum aka 'Japanese Bird's Best Fern'

Just when you thought bird's nest ferns couldn't get any crazier, you see the picture to the left. These are great for apartments where you think your roommate is really not responsible enough for a real fern.