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The Case Study Cylinder with ZZ Plant

  • Tuesday and Thursday delivery in NYC only 
  • Includes ZZ Plant: mid to low light spaces 
  • Final sale only
  • See more details below


Matte White
Matte Black

The Pot

Inspired by the mid-century Case Study homes designed by Charles and Ray Eamses, Richard Neutra and others — these planters will look great for a lifetime.

These cylindars are available in two sizes and in two matte colors: charcoal and white. And every planter comes with a collapsable Brazilian walnut stand.

The Plant

Zamioculcas Zamifolia or the ZZ plant is one of our favorite hard to kill tropical indoor plants. Originally from eastern Africa — this plant became popular with Dutch indoor gardeners in the 1990s and it’s been seen pretty much everywhere, ever since.
Not a fan of watering? This plant doesn't care. Just follow these guidelines:
Sunlight: Put your ZZ plant in low, medium or bright light and it will be just fine. Keep it out of intense, direct sunlight though.
Water: You only need to water this plant once every two weeks.
Size: It's slow to grow, but the ZZ plant can reach 28 inches."

The Delivery

We deliver every Tuesday and Thursday in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

When checking out, please leave as much information as possible regarding the building type, who will be recieving the order, etc.

Our team will contact you prior to delivery on Tuesday or Thursday unless otherwise indicated.

All sales are final. Care instructions included.