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Pilea Peperomioides

in mini dolores Planter

ThePilea Peperomioides is paired with our Mini Dolores Planter, an earthenware pot measuring 4" tall and 4" wide. This plant is pet friendly! Your plant height may vary slightly. It comes potted in our soil mix to increase plant health, longevity, and growth. The Dolores does not have a drainage hole. It has a layer of porous lava rocks lining the bottom to ensure proper drainage. The Dolores is named after San Francisco’s Mission Dolores Park.

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Plant Care

  • BRIGHTNESS Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Medium to Bright
    • Bright, indirect light to dappled sun. Prefers dappled sun.
  • SUN EXPOSURE Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Indirect to Direct
    • Bright, indirect light to dappled sun.
  • WATER Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Weekly
    • Allow potting mix to dry out completely between waterings.
  • HUMIDITY Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Normal to Humid
    • Normal to higher humidity. Increase humidity if leaf edges crisp.

Plant Origins

Himalayan China

Plant Bio

Pilea peperomioides (Urticaceae) is an Asiatic perennial herb that is native to Yunnan Province in Southern China at the foot of the Himalayas. For a long time, this plant has been a mystery. That is because this plant, like many other Pilea, is insignificant in economic value (weedy), and like other Pilea, not much attention was paid to it. It was found to have been brought to Norway by a Norwegian missionary in 1946, upon the expulsion of religion and foreigners by Chairman Mao. From Norway, it was distributed by friends to friends, and eventually all over the world as a houseplant.

Instagram famous.

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