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Paperwhite ‘Inbal’

in medium prospect Planter

Five Paperwhite ‘Inbal’ immature bulbs are paired with our Prospect Planter, an earthenware pot measuring 5.5" tall and 7" wide. They come potted in our soil mix to increase plant health, longevity, and growth. The Prospect Planter does not have a drainage hole. It has a layer of porous lava rocks lining the bottom to ensure proper drainage. The Prospect is named after Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. The Paperwhite ‘Inbal’ is a hybrid flowering bulb that was bred to be less fragrant but just as beautiful. They do well in a sunny window.

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Paperwhite ‘Inbal’ - Medium 7" Prospect Planter gallery image

Plant Care

  • BRIGHTNESS Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Bright
    • As many hours of direct sun indoors as possible.
  • SUN EXPOSURE Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Direct
    • Prefers a windowsill that gets a few hours of sun or more.
  • WATER Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • About every 7 to 12 days
    • When potting mix is half-dry to dry, about 2" down.
  • HUMIDITY Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Any!
    • Don't sweat it. Any humidity level will do.
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Plant Origins

Mediterranean Europe and North Africa

Plant Bio

Narcissus papyraceus, also commonly called a paperwhite, hails from Mediterranean Europe and Northern Africa, and prefers drier climates. Unlike its central and northern European cousins, this plant is not cold hardy. The genus name derives from the Greek ναρκάω (narkos), which means "I am numb", which refers to the numbing toxin that these plants produce, and is incidentally the same word root as "narcotics". So it goes without saying, these blooms are beautiful, but not pet-friendly. Look, but do not consume.

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