Echeveria Preta

The Echeveria will make a great desk plant! It is known for its iconic rosette-shape, succulent nature, and pet-friendliness. Its fleshy water-storing leaves means it can survive on little more than sunshine. This variety is a dark purple black hue. It comes potted in our limited edition Balboa planter.

This plant ships separately and arrives in its nursery grow pot placed inside our earthenware planter.

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Plant Care

Light Tip


Thrives in bright direct light, but can tolerate bright indirect light.

Water Tip


Water every 3-4 weeks when potting mix is bone dry. Increase frequency with increased light.

Plant Tip

Plant Tip

This plant is pet-friendly! It is cat and dog safe.

Plant Bio

Echeveria belong to the stonecrop family, Crassulaceae, which gets its name from the fact that these plants can grow right out of cracks in rocks. Plants from this family can generate roots quickly from almost any undamaged part of the plant, and their succulent nature allows them to withstand rocky environments. Echeverias are so easy to propagate that in their native habitat, they are prolific enough to be considered by some to be weeds. The genus is named after Atanasio Echeverria y Godoy, an 18th-century Mexican botanical artist and naturalist. His drawings would have killed on Instagram.

Origin of Echeveria Preta

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