DIY Epiphyte Mounting Online Workshop

Saturday, October 30th



Join us for a DIY Epiphyte Mounting Online Workshop on Saturday, October 30th at 2pm EST. Tune in to learn about epiphytes and how to properly mount them to create a living piece of art. No prior experience required.

All you need is internet access—instructions on how to join the class will be provided in your order confirmation email. If you plan to DIY alongside us, you can find a recommended supplies list here.

Tickets Available: 493

Online Workshop: DIY Epiphyte Mounting 

Mounted epiphytic plants are a beautiful way to incorporate biophilic design in a space. They are also a reminder of how these species of plants naturally grow in the wild. This class will walk through what an epiphyte is, common epiphytic houseplants, and how to care for these unique plants in your home. We’ll then demonstrate step-by-step how to mount an epiphytic species onto a wooden board or cork bark slab.

This will be a hands-on class—we recommend purchasing supplies ahead of time so you can mount an epiphyte alongside us. Find our recommended supplies list here. You will receive a recording of the workshop after to refer back to.

This workshop is held on video conferencing that can be easily accessed on your phone, laptop, or tablet. Class includes a live demonstration and Q&A session. Workshop tickets are final sale.

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