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Fusion White

Medium Light

Calathea 'Fusion White' is a new hybrid that displays intense white variegation- which is unusual for calatheas. It comes in a 4" tall by 4" wide plastic nursery pot.  They do well in medium light, with weekly waterings. This houseplant is pet-friendly!

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Plant Care

  • Brightness Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Medium
    • Prefers dappled sun.
  • Sun Exposure Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Indirect
    • Indirect light to dappled sun. Prefers dappled sun to sustain the variegation.
  • Water Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • About every 1-2 weeks
    • When potting mix is half-dry to dry, about 2" down.
  • Humidity Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Normal to Humid
    • Normal to slightly higher humidity will do.
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Plant Origins


Plant Bio

Calathea 'Fusion White' is a hybrid of Calathea that produces stunning white variegation, which is actually rare for calatheas to produce. Calatheas are often called 'prayer plants' because of their unique leaf movements –– they raise and lower their leaves from day to night as a part of their circadian rhythm. This phenomenon is called nyctinasty. Plant movements are controlled by a flux of water pressure in the pulvini - nodes at the base of the leaves. Scientists theorize that these movements are meant to follow the sun and catch as much light as possible –– an essential trait for a forest-floor-dwelling plant!

"Calathea time lapse" on YouTube. You’re welcome.

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