Calathea 101 Online Workshop

Thursday, January 21st



Join us for a free Calathea 101 Online Workshop on Thursday, January 21st at 1:00 PM EST. Tune in to learn about the infamous Calathea and how to take care of this beautifully patterned plant indoors, especially in the colder months!

All you need is internet access to join – instructions on how to join the class will be provided in your order confirmation email. Attendees will not receive a recording for this workshop if missed. 

Tickets Available: 266

Online Workshop: Calathea 101

Calathea is tricky, but rewarding houseplants to keep! They are temperamental and show signs of all distress by browning leaves. In this 1-hour online workshop, we will discuss Calathea’s specific plant care needs, propagation methods, and general care mistakes that people often make. 

Class starts with a 30-min presentation, live demo, and ends with a Q&A. All plant-care questions welcome. Please note that attendees will not receive a recording for this workshop if missed.

This workshop is held on video conferencing that can be easily accessed on your phone, laptop, or tablet. Have more questions about our workshops? Visit our Workshop FAQ page.

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