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Aloe Vera

in mini prospect Planter

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The Aloe Vera is paired with our Mini Prospect Planter, an earthenware pot measuring 3.5" tall and 4" wide. This plant is pet friendly! Your plant height may vary slightly. It comes potted in our soil mix to increase plant health, longevity, and growth. The Prospect does not have a drainage hole. It has a layer of porous lava rocks lining the bottom to ensure proper drainage. The Prospect is named after Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

Planter Size

Mini: 3.5" H x 4" WSize Guide

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The Sill Plant Promise

We guarantee our plants up to a year from purchase date.

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Plant Care

  • Brightness Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Bright
    • Prefers bright indirect light to full sun.
  • Sun Exposure Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Direct
    • Full sun ideal.
  • Water Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • About every 2-3 weeks in full sun
    • When soil is completely dry and leaves start to curl.
  • Humidity Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Normal to Dry
    • Think of a desert.
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Plant Origins

North Africa and the Middle East

Plant Bio

Of the 300-plus species of Aloe, only the Aloe vera species is used for medicinal purposes. The ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians have kept extensive records of Aloe's use –– it's even referenced in the Book of the Dead as part of the skin-preservation process during mummification! Its secret? The Aloe generates special protein-sugars and sugar-alcohols that take the place of water when the plant dries out, which prevents oxidative damage by stabilizing the plant's DNA and proteins. The sugar-alcohol glycerol from Aloe is used in many beauty products.

Best salve, ever. Tan on.

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