Allover Jade Roller + Restorative Oil Duo

Allover Jade Roller + Restorative Oil Duo



This set consists of a body oil and the Allover Roller, the first jade roller created exclusively for use on the body. Restorative Oil moisturizes and leaves skin glowing, not greasy. The aroma is balsamic, woody and herbal with hints of smoke and florals. Textured, solid roller increases stimulation for lymphatic drainage and tension relief. To use apply body oil to damp skin. Using light to medium pressure, roll in short strokes in the direction of natural lymph flow, towards the trunk and heart for an allover glow.

  • Plastic-free recyclable box
  • 2 oz. scented body oil
  • 7" x 3.35" textured jade body roller
  • Made in USA

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