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Alberta Spruce

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The Alberta Spruce is a cultivated form of white spruce that is dwarf in size. It comes in a 4" tall by 4" wide plastic nursery pot. They do well in full sun, with cooler temperatures, and well-watered.

Planter Size

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Plant Care

  • BRIGHTNESS Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Bright
    • As many hours of direct sun indoors as possible.
  • SUN EXPOSURE Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Direct
    • Prefers a window that receives direct sun all day.
  • WATER Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • About every 5-10 days
    • When potting mix is half-dry to dry, about 2" down.
  • HUMIDITY Icon Dropdown Arrow
    • Normal to Low
    • Normal to low humidity — and temperates below 75°F.
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Plant Origins

Boreal forests of North America

Plant Bio

Picea glauca, or the White Spruce is an economically important species of tree that has been used by humans for millennia. The genus Picea is named after the Latin word for Pitch, a sugar-rich gum extract from these trees. Spruce is particularly used for its wood, but has also been used in herbal remedies. The immature new growth is well-known as a source of Vitamin C. Captain James Cook brewed alcoholic, sugar-based spruce beer to prevent scurvy in his crew. The Native Americans used this particular species, whereas Europeans and Asiatic peoples used other species of spruces.

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