Weekly Plant Check-In Reminders

Never forget your green friends again.

Sign up for weekly plant check-in reminders via text

Get a weekly text reminding you to check in on your plants. We customize your reminder depending on your plant type and preferred day of the week you'd like to receive the reminder. We'll tell you how-to check in on your plant and see if it's happy and healthy! 

Want to try it out? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Text #happyplants to +1 (973) 707-3360.
  2. We'll reply back with a link to sign up. Click through to complete your registration.
  3. You'll receive a text with instructions that will help you set up your watering reminder. Submit the day of the week you'd like your reminder (use the first three letters, outlined below) followed by your plant type (e.g. #Mon-Snake).

Schedule your reminder by texting a day of the week followed by -[plant type]

  • #mon-[plant type]
  • #tue-[plant type]
  • #wed-[plant type]
  • #thu-[plant type]
  • #fri-[plant type]
  • #sat-[plant type]
  • #sun-[plant type]


Follow your day of week by your -[plant type]—here are the plant types to choose from! Make sure you follow the spelling below to set up your reminders properly. 

  1. -airplant
  2. -alocasia
  3. -calathea
  4. -fern
  5. -marimo
  6. -palm
  7. -peperomia
  8. -pine
  9. -pothos
  10. -philodendron
  11. -rubber
  12. -snake
  13. -succulent
  14. -zz


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*This service is only available for plants that are currently being sold on TheSill.com. This beta program will run through April 2018. By opting into the program via the SuperPhone platform you are granting permission to text your provided mobile number. You may opt out at any time by replying 'STOP'. Your carrier may charge you normal SMS or data rates.