To be human is to experience biophilia.


That craving for nature: light, green,
beauty, air, peace. It’s in our DNA.

Our Story

The Sill was founded by Eliza Blank in 2012 on the premise that plants make people happy.

"In the early days, I was passionate about plants, and I set out to help demystify them, making them accessible to non-horticulturists while elevating the experience beyond the local garden center."

The Sill broke new ground that year as an online plant delivery business and has since grown to include stores in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as hands-on educational workshops hosted both in-store and online...

And then 2020 happened... and it changed our perspective on the spaces we inhabit: our homes, our offices, our home-offices! Eliza came to learn that cultivating these places - the places we inhabit and our internal realms - allows us to reflect, restore, and transform for the better.

In response, we expanded our offering to include new ways to infuse nature’s restorative beauty into as many everyday rituals as possible, through biophilic design.

The Sill’s mission has evolved, but remains simple:
to bring life to people and people to life.

Plants create time and space to nurture yourself.
If you’re not making time for them, you’re
probably not making time for yourself either.

– Eliza Blank, CEO of The Sill