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21-Jun-16 - How To Choose The Best Office Plant For Your Workspace’ 



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27-Feb-16 - Eliza Blank's The Sill Brings Outside Plants Inside And Has Cultivated Google And WeWork As Clients’ 
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3-Mar-16 - The Blossoming Business Model: Meet Eliza Blank’ 
17-Apr-13 - 'Embracing Spring's Hues' 

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3-Aug-16 - 7 First Apartment Essentials You Didn't Know You Needed’ 


Apartment Therapy - 
2-Jan-16 - 12 Things Every Home Should Have’ 
“The Sill sells lovely houseplants in chic pots that are hardy” - Maxwell Ryan, CEO & Founder 
21-Nov-12 - 'Easy Care Plants by Delivery'
"A a gift that can be enjoyed long after it's been received."


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3-Jan-16 - The Store That’s Changing How City-Dwellers Buy Plants’ 
“Manhattan plant shop The Sill takes the guesswork out of indoor gardening” - Dwell 

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19-Jan-16 - The 10 Things Every 30-Something Should Have in Her Home’ 


Today -
Broadcast - 13-Jul-12 - 'Summer Trends in Home Decor'
" ... Adorable as little place settings if you're having a party." -Chassie Post, Lifestyle Editor of


Lucky Magazine -
Print - Special Edition - Fall/Winter 2013 - 'Best of the Web'
"This New York-based site creates and delivers the most memorable houseplants we've ever seen."


The Couch (CBS) -
Broadcast - 07-Mar-13 - 'Indoor Gardening for Small Spaces'
"They're devoted to bringing back houseplants, a nobel cause." -Maxwell Ryan, founder of Apartment Therapy 


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Online & Print - 12-Aug-12 - 'Flora At The Ready'


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Online & Print - 05-Mar-14 - 'The Sill Helps You Pick The Right Plant For You' 
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Broadcast - 17-Apr-13 
"...The evangelist for the houseplant." - Maxwell Ryan, found of Apartment Therapy 
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Broadcast - (08/05/13) '$50 Decorating'

Online - 18-Jul-13 - 'NYC Companies vie for $25K crowdfundx'
"A plant discovery portal..." 
Online - (11/16/12) - 'Links We Love This Week'
"Sweet little succulents...They're perfect desk plants." 
Online - 24-Jun-13 - '10 Tips for the Black Thumb' 
"...a charming New York-based web shop...making plants easy, accessible and fashionable" 
Online - 20-Jul-12 - 'The Sill Plant Website Launches'
..."A dynamic way to add green to drab apartments."

Online - 02-Jul-12 - 'Girls We Love'
"...Girl crush, Eliza Blank, is blessed with a green thumb and earthy-yet-elegant flair."

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"There aren’t many gift scenarios in which a trio of succulents from this site wouldn’t fit the bill." 
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"...chic little succulents in hand-painted pots."

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Online - 31-Jul-12 - 'Start-Up The Sill Delivers Chic & Easy Houseplants to New Yorkers"
"...genius start-up The Sill is changing the way that Manhattanites buy and display plants."