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Indoor Plant and Delivery FAQS

NYC Indoor Plant Delivery QuestionsNYC Plant Delivery


The Sill provides plant delivery in NYC. We currently deliver to Manhattan (below 125th Street) and parts of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Zip Codes Serviced

We hope to expand our NYC plant delivery areas soon. Please tell us where you’d like us to deliver in the future and we’ll let you know as soon as our NYC plant delivery service expands to your area. Email suggestions to help@thesill.com


We offer NYC plant delivery every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday 10am-6pm.

Same day orders must be placed before 11am. 

Note Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees, large floor plants and special orders are only delivered on Thursdays. We currently do not offer same day delivery for Fiddle Leaf Figs and other large floor plants.  

You will be asked to specify the day you’d like to receive your delivery during the checkout process. If Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday is not convenient for you, email us at help@thesill.com and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request! A $5 delivery fee may apply.

Please arrange for someone to accept the delivery, and let us know who to leave the delivery with, be it a doorman, receptionist, or a neighbor. In the event that no one is able to accept the plant at the scheduled delivery time, we will contact you to reschedule a new delivery time – a $10 re-delivery fee may apply.

Why do your plant varieties differ based on delivery location? 
Our plant offerings for NYC Delivery are our top recommendations for easy-care indoor plants that can thrive in an urban environment. They are our tried & true – tough enough to make it in the city that never sleeps! 
Our plant offerings for Nationwide Shipping are a larger bunch because we know there’s a big world outside of this concrete jungle. They are all still handpicked by our team, and relatively easy to care for. 
If you’re unsure what plant would work best in your environment – give us a shout. We’d be happy to offer some recommendations. 
Help! I am based in New York City, but want one of your nationwide offerings. 
No problem! Our Nationwide Shipping offerings are available to NYC residents, too. Unfortunately these offerings cannot be delivered on foot – so expect a small shipping fee and a couple days time between placing your order & receiving it. 
Help! I am based outside New York City, but want one of your local offerings. 
Unfortunately this is not something we can offer at this time – but we’re working on it! 

Returns & Exchanges

We want you to be happy with your new houseplant! If for any reason you are unhappy, unless specifically noted on the product page, we allow returns and exchanges up to 30 days after your purchase. Email us at help@thesill.com to process a return or exchange.
30-Day New Plant Owner Promise
Not everyone is born with a green thumb. We understand. New Yorkers say to us all the time “But I’ll just kill it! Plants hate me.” We promise, they don’t. Being a plant owner takes a little practice just like anything else, but the benefits of greenery are worth it. We don’t want a past negative experience with a plant (OK, so you did kill that adorable philodendron last year – time to talk it out in therapy, and move on) to stop you from trying your hand at being a plant owner. That’s why we offer a 30-Day New Plant Owner Promise. 
Our 30-Day New Plant Owner Promise to you:
  • We choose only easy care plants, which means your job is minimized
  • We offer clear, easy care instructions
  • We are always available to answer questions and hold your hand should your plant mate require extra TLC
  • If for any reason your plant dies in the first 30 days, we will replace it – no questions asked
Repeat after us, “I DO have a green thumb. I DO have a green thumb, I do!” Now go find your perfect plant mate already.

Security & Privacy

Please reference our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy
Should you have additional questions, email us at help@thesill.com.


I am a retailer, can I buy product from The Sill at wholesale?
Our American Made ceramic planters are available for wholesale purchasing. Wholesale orders will be considered for select brick-and-mortar retailers in the US. If you are interested in carrying The Sill in your retail setting, please introduce yourself by email and include the name of your store and a link to your website. Please understand that not all requests for wholesale orders may be met. Commitment will be based on compatibility with prospective retailer, current workload, and timeline. Email design@thesill.com for pricing and arrangements.

FAQS - General Indoor Plant Delivery Questions

Why does my potted houseplant look different than the photos on the site?
It is the nature of handmade pottery to have slight variations in color, texture, finish, and size. When you order a handmade container from The Sill, you are choosing a one of a kind piece, thus you can expect there will be subtle differences from what is displayed online. If you feel as we do, this is part of the charm of handmade pottery! And plants are living, breathing things – no two are exactly alike! Finally, while we make every effort to display our potted plant colors as accurately as possible, the colors you see will depend upon your monitor. If ever you are unhappy with the differences in your piece versus what is displayed online, please contact us help@thesill.com.

My order arrived damaged, what do I do?
Every plant is hand delivered and the streets of NYC are not always kind (and sometimes doorman and messenger centers are even less kind). Please inspect your package when you accept the delivery. Should your order arrive damaged, email a photo to help@thesill.com along with the name the order was placed under, within 48 hours of receiving the delivery. We’ll happily replace your order or issue you a store credit. 

What type of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards. Please note that online orders may be executed with real-time credit card processing, and your card may be charged before your order is delivered.

FAQS - Common Indoor Plant Concerns

How do I choose the right indoor plant?
We specifically choose plants that can thrive in most indoor environments with relatively low maintenance. That said, we do recommend you read each plant description thoroughly to determine if your environment and lifestyle are a match for your desired plant. 

How do I take care of my indoor plant?
Printed care instructions will also be included with your plant. For more information, visit our Plant Care section.

What if something goes wrong with my indoor plant?
Visit the troubleshooting section in Plant Care, or email us at help@thesill.com.

What if my indoor plant dies?
We understand! These things happen. Email us at help@thesill.com for a new, healthy plant to fill your beautiful container from The Sill.

Do I have to worry about indoor plant pests?
We do our best to ensure that on delivery your indoor plant is happy, healthy and free of pests. However, if your plant becomes a victim of lackluster care, it could attract unfriendly critters. The good news is that plant pests are interested in your plant, not you. They can stay relatively local to your plant, so don’t let them deter you from having a houseplant. To keep plant pests away, here are our top 5 preventative measures:

  1. Take care of your indoor plants. Happy plants are the start to warding off pests and disease.
  2. Trim damaged, dead, or yellowing leaves – they are invitations to pests who are attracted to weak plants.
  3. Keep plants clean. Give them a quick wash each season. Just stick them in the shower under tepid water. 
  4. Make sure windows you leave open have screens. While screens can’t keep all pests out, they will deter many.
  5. Circulate the air near your plant by running a fan. This alone can discourage pests from settling in. 

And remember, some pest problems are seasonal and some start near the sink. Make sure to clean up discarded food and other items pests might feed on. Most pest problems don't start with indoor plants, but they can migrate there. 


What if I travel frequently, or am planning a vacation?
If you travel regularly, it might be best to choose a succulent that doesn’t need frequent watering. Otherwise, try one of these standby methods.
  1. Soak it. While you shouldn’t regularly overwater your plants, there are exceptions to the rule. Move your plant to a spot that receives medium light. Fill the saucer with water and wait until it has been completely absorbed and then fill the saucer a second time to the brim and let stand. This should keep your plant moist for a 1-week absence.
  2. Bag it. First clean your plants well, removing anything that might fall off the plant and rot during your absence. Water the plant thoroughly and then cover with a clear plastic bag. Move your plant to a spot that receives medium light. This should work for up to a 16-week absence!


Is it safe to keep indoor plants near pets & children?
Some houseplants contain a chemical defense system that can cause burning or swelling of the mouth and throat when eaten by pets or people. Others contain sap that can cause itching or irritation of the skin. It is best practice to keep all plants out of reach of your pets and small children. Not to mention cats have been known to get curious test the breaking point of our ceramic pots. 

Still Have Houseplant Questions? 

Email us at help@thesill.com. We’d love to hear from you.