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Say hello to Erin!

Andrew Erdle - The Sill - Indoor House Plants

What is your name?


Before moving to NYC/NJ... where did you live?

New Jersey!

What area of NYC/NJ do you live in?

Stuyvesant Town

What is your role at The Sill?

PR and Marketing Manager

What is your favorite indoor plant and why?

The Sansevieria, or snake plant. It not only filters toxins from indoor air and has the highest conversion rate of carbon dioxide to oxygen - but it is also incredibly easy to take care of.

What's the best gift you're ever been given?

My life! Thanks Jeanne and Paul.

What's the best gift you're ever given to someone?

I wrote my Dad a list of 30 reasons why he rocks when he was feeling down. He keeps it hanging up in his office.

When it comes to "drinks" — what's your favorite drink?


Favorite actor/artist/writer/photographer/dancer...?

Thrity Umrigar

Andrew Erdle - The Sill - Indoor House Plants
Andrew Erdle - The Sill - Indoor House Plants

What's your favorite plant fact?

Plants can literally breathe life into your space.

Have you ever killed a plant?


If you could recommend one park in NYC to someone, what would it be and why?

The 9th Street Community Garden in Alphabet City. It's a hidden treasure, and open to the public.

What's the best project you've worked on at The Sill and why?

The opening of The Sill Shop at 84 Hester Street. It was awesome to see the space come to life from the beginning.

What are your passions outside of plants?

No outside projects, groups, teams, or comic cons - but I do like cats.

Andrew Erdle - The Sill - Indoor House Plants

An ideal meal for plants is light. What is your ideal meal?


If there's one TV show you absolutely watch...what is it?

House Hunters

But if you were stuck on a beach with one book... what is that book?

Any Mahayana sutras

And when you're stuck on the island of Manhattan for the weekend?