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Repotting in the Fall

Posted by The Sill on

Although the best time to repot plants is early Spring - before the growth season - we know plants are an essential part of home decor and seasonal decorating. If you plan to move your plants into fall-themed pots for the upcoming holidays, follow these simple repotting guidelines: 

Tip: When changing planters, keep it the size the same or no more than 2” larger.

Supplies: newspaper for easy clean-up
, potting soil & shovel, a watering can or makeshift water bottle, scissors (if pruning)
, your plant, a planter 
(follow our pots & planters Pinterest board) 


Repotting Guidelines:

Water thoroughly the day or two before
  2. Pre-moisten the new potting mix (because it's fall - skip the fertilizer) 
  3. Turn plant upside down, hold gently by the stems and tap the bottom of the container until plant slides out - feel free to get those hands dirty and help! 
  4. If root bound (roots growing in circles around plant), unbind roots and trim them back - or, if the plant is so root bound that it's difficult to unbind, you can use a box cutter to make a couple vertical slices through the roots. 
  5. Remove 1/3 - 2/3 of the old potting mix (even if you're only repotting for aesthetic reasons) 
  6. Pour a layer of new, pre-moistened potting mix into the planter
  7. Set plant in center of the planter, making sure it’s centered 

  8. Add soil around the plant until it is secure – be sure not to press down too hard, you want the roots to have room to breath
  9. Even out mix, water well, let drain. Done! 


Happy potting! 

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  • Hi Ivona – it is a Jade plant! It prefers bright to moderate indirect light. If you’re looking for a low-light plant I’d recommend a snake plant, a ZZ plant, or a pothos.

    The Sill on

  • what plant is this and does it tolerate low light?

    ivona on

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