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Fall Plant Care

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As the temperature changes outside, your plant care should change inside. We know houseplants thrive during the spring and summer - the real challenge is helping them survive the fall and winter! Don't fret. Modify your plant care with these tips: 

Fall-Friendly Plant Care:
- Dust off leaves and stems with a damp cloth weekly. Accumulated dust on leaves plug their pores, making it difficult for plants to "breath".
- Indoor humidity levels drop considerably as buildings fire up heating systems. Mist your plants daily, or invest in a humidifier.
- Maintain light. The angle of the sun changes considerably with the season, so pay close attention as fall settles in. Some plants might require a new location. In addition, rotate your houseplants every week or two so they receive light on all sides.
- Growth slows down during the winter so withhold fertilizer until next spring.
- Cut back on watering, and use tepid water (plants don't appreciate a freezing cold shower). Nervous about under-watering? Follow your gut - or our guidelines below...

How do you determine if your plant is thirsty? You can rely on one of the following methods.
1. EYE IT.
Small plants, under 4" planters, typically need water as soon as the surface is dry. Take a peek under the foliage to check out the color the potting mix. Moist potting mix will be darker than dry potting mix. You'll soon start to recognize when the potting mix appears dry.
2. TRY IT.
Use your finger tip to check the consistency of the potting mix along the edge of the planter – is it moist? If the first inch of soil is dry, its usually time to water your plant. Try and avoid too much poking, though. You don't want to damage your plant or its roots.
Your potted plant will feel much heavier after it has been watered. If it feels considerably lighter than after a watering, chances are it's thirsty.

When watering: Pour water into the planter until the water begins to trickle into the saucer. Let the plant soak up the water for 30 minutes, then empty any remaining water from the saucer. Do not let your plant sit in a saucer full of water - you don't want the roots to rot! 



*Need some general help? Check out our top 5 tips to keep your plant happy and healthy, or email us directly, - no green thumb required! 

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