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Fiddle Leaf Fig

Posted by The Sill on

If you’re lucky enough to have high-ceilings and ample floor space, than a Fiddle Leaf Fig should be your go-to houseplant. It is one of the easiest Ficus plants to care for – which makes it an excellent choice, even for beginners. Characterized by large, wavy green leaves - the the shape of a fiddle - this tropical fig is actually a tree capable of growing up to 40 ft tall in the jungle! As an indoor plant though, the FLF grows very slowly. A native of Tropical Africa, it enjoys bright, indirect light and the warmth of the sun. 

Plant: Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata)
Sunlight: Moderate to bright, indirect light 
Direction: Do best in South or West facing windows 
Perfect for: The living room 

Precautions: Fiddle Leaf Figs can be finicky when placed in a new environment. When stressed, their leaves tend to brown and drop off. Do keep it away from drafts or heat sources, as it likes to stay in a consistent temperature. Given the right environment, and proper care, your Fiddle Leaf Fig will acclimate over time. 


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  • Hi all!
    We do make house calls – and service BK – sign up on our website under Our Services/Plant Maintenance for on-site help!
    For those of you outside of NYC, shoot us a line at and we’ll diagnosis via email.

    The Sill on

  • Help! My fiddle leaf fig has been with us for about a month and a half and while the top part of the tree looks good, I lost 5 leaves today. The leaves aren’t dark green – is this on account of too much sun? I don’t water it too much – we came back from vacation this week and it perked up when I gave it some water. I can send pics if this could help you diagnose what the problem is. It’s such a beautiful tree – I would hate to be the one to cut its life short.

    Also, I live in BK if you want to make a house call.

    Chelseah Free on

  • Hi Katie, shoot us over some photos and we’ll see if we have any advice for you :)

    And Chris – we deliver! – email us,

    The Sill on

  • Oh dear. My fiddle leaf fig is stressed. I has been dropping brown leaves for the last couple of months. Maybe it’s mad at me for planting it crooked…

    Katie Evans on

  • So glad to know you sell them. I’ve wanted to try them, but found they were hard to source for the Brooklyn car-less.

    Chris on

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