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Meet The Fall Collection

Posted by The Sill on

This fall is all about exotic yet warm jewel tones. Which is why we created a bold color palette to add a lush look to any space. Meet the Fall Collection - an unquestionably daring and dramatic color palette. Autumn is too short for neutral tones or mild hues, so we aimed for pure vibrancy. 

Inspired by our favorite fall NYC hues - think yellow cabbies, black leather boots, dark blue jeans, and red manis - say hello to the new seasonal spectrum: Sapphire, Neptune, Jet Black, Ruby Red, Canary, and Black Cherry. 

The best part - our hand selected mini-succulents and cacti are sure to outlast the leaves in Central Park. To give or to keep: the Fall Collection is available in trio or set of six.

Happy Autumn! 




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