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Hostess Gift Guide: Summer Edition

Posted by The Sill on

Whether you're going to a friend's rooftop barbecue or crashing at their beach house for the entire week, nothing says thanks for being a gracious hostess like a thoughtful gift. We've rounded up our top ten summer inspired hostess gifts in bright hues & bold textures. Say your thanks and secure an invite back ;-)

Shop: Equal Tea Towel, Studiopatro; Home Made Summer by Yvette van Boven, Amazon; Zenas Dane potted plant, The Sill; Voluspa Cut Glass Jar, Anthropologie; Vintage Chubby Medium Vase in Blue Frost, Canvas Home Store; Vintage Cubby Small Vase in Grey Blue, Canvas Home Store; Hand-Painted Still Life Monograms, Anthropologie; Bi-Color Pitcher by Alessandro Alberti & Giulietta Piccioli, MoMA Store; Random Check Throw by Osamu Mita, MoMA Store; Cheese Board with Chalk, Brooklyn Slate Company.


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  • I love the Alberti & Piccioli pitcher, as well as the “Zenas Dane”. Very summery!

    Megan on

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