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The Four Seasons - Arts for Transit

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Rarely are we not walking through train stations and down subway platforms with our heads down, typing away on our cell phones, answering urgent emails, and scrolling through instagram feeds. Unfortunately, we are missing out on a first rate museum experience - with works created in mosaic, terra cotta, bronze, glass, and mixed-media sculpture all around us. 

According to the MTA's Arts for Transit and Urban Design, "the founders of the New York City subway believed that every design element in the system should show respect for [their] customers and enhance the experience of travel."

So enjoy your next subway experience - put that cell phone down and pick that head up! Below, one of our favorite Arts for Transit mosaics - Joy Taylor's The Four Seasons (2005) mural on the Larchmont Station's waiting room wall. 

"Leaves are so commonplace in nature that we rarely consider them worthy of study. Yet when looked at closely they reveal themselves as marvels of efficiency and beauty. In a train station, time often means minutes to hurry or to wait through. But this mural allows the traveler an opportunity for a different view. Like a time line, this mosaic reveals nature as a vehicle of change. Combining nature and time, I encourage the viewer to examine such changes and to appreciate the precious and fleeting quality of our world. The commuter may take a walk into April, or recall November, even as she hurries to an appointment, or as he heads home from work." - Joy Taylor 


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