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How-To: Care for Your Plants While On Vacation

Posted by The Sill on

Going vacation? Lucky you! But before you fade away into sweet vacation oblivion, take care to prep your plants so you can focus on the important things - like snagging that chair by the pool. 

Here are our top tips for keeping your foliage fresh while you're working on your tan. We can already smell the coconut sunscreen… sigh.

Our top three tips: 
1. Maintain moisture 

- For short departures: Soak it. While you shouldn't regularly overwater your plants, this is an exception to the rule. If you're going to be gone for up to a week, a good soil-soaking before departure is be sufficient. Make sure to let drain so the soil is soaked but your plants aren't sitting in water. 

- For longer absences: 
a. Add it. Add mulch, rocks, or wood chips to your plant's soil to help hold moisture. 
b. Bag it. Water thoroughly and then cover with a clear plastic bag, creating a makeshift greenhouse. Make a couple slits in the plastic to allow for air circulation. 
c. Move it. Transport your plants to your bathroom (provided you have a window) or another small room with medium light. The smaller the room the easier it is to maintain humidity. Grouping your plants together also helps. 

2. Tweak temperature 
Plants are likely to wilt in direct sunlight. If you usually keep your plants on a sunny sill, move them to the center of the room, or a spot lit by indirect sunlight, while you're away. This helps to keep the soil from drying out. Once you return, be sure to move your plants back to their usual spot on the sunny sill. 

3. Forgo fertilizer 
If you use fertilizer - hold off on until you return. You want your plants to grow as slowly as possible while you're gone. 

(Remember, these tips do not apply to your drought-resistant and sun-loving cacti & succulents!)

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  • Great tips! I like to transport my plants to the bath tub and give them a good shower before I leave.

    Celia on

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