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"The Green Floreligium"

Posted by The Sill on

No Vase Required 
"The Green Floreligium" is an obscure 17th-century book of rare floral illustrations, restored and published for the first time. Little is known about it - it is neither signed nor dated - but is generally attributed to German painter Hans Simon Holtzbecker, and originates from the library of Gottorp Castle in Schleswig (which for you geography buffs is on the border of Germany and Denmark). The original now resides in Copenhagen. 
After a painstaking restoration of 178 delicate botanical illustrations, this rediscovered botanical bible can now be yours. Along with illustrations, the book includes an introductory essay and basic information on each flower illustrated. It is a amazing example of the art of conservation - so don't let it just sit on your shelves collecting dust - promise to open every now and then, giving it the attention it deserves. 

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  • You can purchase a copy on Amazon – here:

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  • Where can we get a copy??

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