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Treescapes by Myoung Ho Lee

Posted by The Sill on

For the past decade, artist Myoung Ho Lee has been shooting trees around his native South Korea. However, these are no ordinary landscape shoots - he shoots each tree against a stark white canvas, creating the feel and focus of a studio portrait, and ultimately foregrounding what would normally be considered background. The result is an image that exemplifies purity, yet is quite elaborate to produce; creating each canvas to tree-size takes industrial cranes, ropes, and numerous extra sets of hands. The portraits are simple in concept yet complex in execution. 

After shooting, Lee retouches each image to erase any trace of man - "If the mechanics of the artwork were visible, it would be easier for people to recognize the scale and the method. But I want to hide them, to infuse a magical and vague aspect to my work, so that views may question and try to find answers themselves." We think Lee's portraits are strikingly beautiful and unique. What do you think? 
(view photography online at Yossi Milo Gallery - by artist Myoung Ho Lee)

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