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The Sill In Costa Rica

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Lisa Muñoz, our very own Plant & Botanist Specialist here at The Sill, just returned from a two week trip to Costa Rica. Jealous? Us too. Today, she's sharing some of her favorite snapshots of Costa Rica's lush greenery, check 'em out below - ! 



A short Q&A with Lisa: 
What part of Costa Rica did you visit? 
Nosara, Costa Rica. It's on the Pacific side where the surfers and yogis flock to Playa Guiones. 
Did you stay anywhere worth mentioning? 
For the last couple days, we stayed in a bungalow at the Harmony Hotel and it was glorious! The bungalow had its own private garden, deck, outdoor shower, and hammock. Everything was lush and delicious. They also offer guided tours of their native garden and sustainable farm. Unfortunately for me, their gardener was not available during our stay otherwise, I would have been in full-on nerd heaven. 
What activities did you do? 
If you count laying on the beach and swimming all day an activity, then that just about sums it up. 
How was the vegetation? What was your favorite plant you saw? 
The vegetation was stunning and abundant. I saw so many plants in their natural habitat that I've only seen as houseplants here in the city. I've always been a sucker for Philodendrons and Costa Rica boasted Philodendrons galore - specifically the Philodendron bipinnatifidum commonly known as the cut-leaf philodendron. Swoon. 


....I think we need a vacation - who's coming with us? 


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