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We're coming up on a very exciting summer here at The Sill -- our very own Eliza is getting married! Planning a wedding is hard enough, but when you are simultaneously running your own business... well, you can imagine. Fortunately, our girl is quite the multi-tasker, and her personal and professional passion is one and the same -- putting houseplants back on the map! We know, why did they ever leave!? So whether you're planning your own, helping a friend, or just enjoying the eye-candy, get inspired by these easy to execute ideas for incorporating green into *the big day*. 

When it comes to weddings, plants definitely get the short-end of the stick, with planners opting for pricey cut flowers instead. Unfortunately, cut flowers die in days - or hours - leaving you with a ton of withered flowers and an enormous bill. Thankfully, you can still create a gorgeous atmosphere, regardless of venue, with plants. The best part? You can use them over and over -- for your rehearsal dinner, wedding, & reception. And after the wedding, to decorate you and your other-half's new abode, or to give as mementos to your guests! So whether you're looking to plan a green wedding, plan on a budget, or just love plants like we do, here are some simple ways to ditch the flowers and embrace the greenery. 
There are a ton of great plants out there, but it should come as no surprise that we're partial to succulents. In a multitude of beautiful hues and intricate textures, they make a strong yet organic statement. Did we mention that they are as versatile as they are easy to care for -- you won't be rushing around with a watering can in your wedding dress, we promise! 
Our top 6 ways to incorporate succulents on the big day: 
1. for that something special 
Try a single succulent for that something special. Opt for a blue-hued planter or a succulent with blue undertones for your "something blue". For your "something old," repot a favorite plant or reuse an old planter from a family member or secondhand shop. And for your "something new" make a plant-purchase together, and plan to keep it alive - together. 
2. as seating cards / place settings 
Use miniature succulents or cacti for your seating cards and place settings. Print the name of each guest on a miniature planter -- or DIY a flag to stick into the soil. Place atop plates at tables for guests to find their seats. Or, for larger parties, print both name and seating assignment and arrange artfully on a table before the reception. 
3. as ceremony or reception favors 
The perfect take-home. Seating card plants / place settings can double as favors, too. 
4. to accent a wedding cake 
Top your wedding cake or cupcakes with large emerald succulents. Guests will swoon. 
5. as a ring-holder 
Place rings atop a mini succulent to keep them safe -- and photo-ready -- pre-ceremony.
6. to line the ceremony aisle 
… yes, please! 
(Another great idea? Have a prep-party and invite all your bridesmaids to help you plant.) 
P.S. Browse these ideas and more on our dedicated Entertaining 101 Pinterest Board

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