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Spring Watering Can

Posted by The Sill on

Introducing the *Spring Watering Can* designed by Robert Bronwasser. This Amsterdam-based industrial designer strives to make ordinary products extraordinary. Giving ample attention to both form and function, Bronwasser produces goods that are practical, yet distinctive. A win-win, this watering can's unique silhouette is equally as pleasant to use as it is to admire. 

Characterized by a skinny neck. The design, for an easy grip, gives way to two openings - a wide spout for filling and a narrow spout for watering. Below its spouts, a reservoir holds more than a liter of water. Originally designed for the Dutch design brand Goods, we're proud to announce Bronwasser's 'Spring' Watering Can will be available on our Shop page just in time for Spring. Available in five cheerful colors: sunny yellow, olive green, sky blue, clay gray, and bright white.  

Happy watering! 

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