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Artist Profile: Laura Cooke

Posted by The Sill on

In celebration of the return of the Lizzie Page we’d like to share the artist profile of Laura Cooke of Laura Cooke Ceramics. Although Laura grew up in North Carolina, she learned to throw pottery in the hilltop town of Cortona, Italy! After a stint in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Laura decided to pursue pottery and moved to Portland, Oregon to study ceramics at the Oregon College of Art and Craft. She apprenticed under renowned potter Victoria Christen, while establishing her own pottery business. Now back in NC, she works full-time in her studio. Why do we love Cooke’s pottery? She is partial to clean and simple designs, intending her pottery for everyday use. 



Artist Q&A: 
Please describe your artistic style in 3 words.
Clean, modern, organic.
What or who inspires you the most?
I find inspiration in everything—in nature, in fabrics, in design. Also, I keep the work of potters I respect in my kitchen cabinets and enjoy being able to admire their shapes, colors, handle forms, etc., as I drink my morning coffee.
What influences can be seen in your work?
My teachers Victoria Christen, Kowkie Durst, and Jim Koudelka; I feel my pots are a compilation of the styles of all of my mentors, in their handles, forms, and glazes. 
What materials do you work with? Why?
I throw clay on the potter's wheel. I love the rhythm of working on the wheel and how the clay responds when I touch it. The wheel enables me to shape each piece individually. Each piece is unique and has a character of its own. 



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  • Beautiful pottery!

    Wendell Ott on

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