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Plants in the Home: Bedroom

Posted by The Sill on

Google 'plants in the bedroom' and there seems to be a bit of disagreement - Are they bad feng shui? Do they compete with you for oxygen all night? Well, do you accuse that big burly beast sleeping next to you of stealing your O2, too? 
We say - plants in the bedroom are a-okay. Actually, they are better than okay, they're great! Alright, enough of the jokes. But really, plants are not only aesthetically pleasing but can also give your mood a natural boost. Imagine waking up, glancing across the room to your windowsill, and catching the morning light nourishing your new snake plant. You can't help but smile. 
Just know your little guy is smiling right back at you. 

Find more inspiration on our dedicated Bedroom Plants Pinterest Board!


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  • Our mistake, Jacob! We fixed our vocabulary error.

    And yes – plants consume carbon dioxide and covert it into oxygen – that’s why they are great to have around!

    The Sill on

  • You used the word “ascetically” instead of “aesthetically” – quite the opposite! Also, plants would not steal oxygen; through photosynthesis plants consume carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen… Isn’t that common knowledge?

    James Jacob on

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