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Plants in the Home: Home Office

Posted by The Sill on

Clear your head and the air.

Another great spot for a potted plant is your home office. It’s not quite the same as a vacation in the tropics, but it’s certainly a mood booster. Not only will a plant – or a few – enhance the overall appearance of your home office, but it will also reduce stress and eliminate air pollutants, creating a happy and healthy, and consequently productive, environment. A shrub to stimulate your senses! 

Look for plants that require minimal care and reduce pollutants. Our picks for minimal care and adaptability are pothos, philodendrons, spider plants, as well as cacti & succulents.  And to reduce air pollutants we like rubber plants, dracaenas, snake plants, and peace lilies. 

Meet our tried-and-true plant picks for the workspace on our dedicated Office Plants & Desk Mates Pinterest Board


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