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The Jade Plant

Posted by The Sill on

Brown-thumb? Meet Jade. 


The Jade plant, or Crassula ovate, is one of the easiest houseplants to grow and tend to. A native of South Africa, this succulent can naturally tolerate dry environments. The plant's thick fleshy leaves hold the moisture it needs when conditions are less than ideal. 
A good rule of thumb is to water when the top inch or two of soil is dry: in the summer this can be once every one to two weeks, while in the winter it's usually more infrequent. And a pot with good drainage is a must - poor drainage and overwatering, which causes roots to rot, is one of the most common ways to kill a plant. If stems and leaves are falling off for no apparent reason, you're overwatering.   
The Jade plant prefers moderate to bright light but can tolerate less. If your apartment or office is lacking light, try moving your plant around the space every couple of months (plants get bored, too!) And remember to trim occasionally to keep your plant from toppling over - those plump leaves can become pretty heavy for your little guy. It is important that its trunk is able to support the weight of its leaves, and pruning encourages both trunk and root growth. 
Under the right conditions, the Jade plant may produce small pink or white star-like flowers in early spring. Unfortunately, this is not common for houseplant Jades, but we think its unassuming yet alluring plump jewel-toned leaves are just as pleasing! The tortoise of houseplants, a slow and steady grower, we love the Jade because it is relaxed, long-lived, and low maintenance. 
Fun Fact
The Jade plant is also a popular feng shui houseplant - its plump emerald leaves symbolize vitality, luck, and money. Sounds good to us! 



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