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*Our New Collection Exclusively For HomePolish*

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Aristotle said it best, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” In that spirit, The Sill has collaborated with HomePolish to bring you a new, exclusive collection – 

Introducing *Vintage Miniatures*

– a collection of easy-care miniature succulents tucked inside vintage and one-of-a-kind flea finds.

The decision to use vintage pieces came from HomePolish founder Noa Santos, “We wanted to use vintage accessories for the same reason we use vintage furniture – they have a history and personality that isn’t replicable.” At The Sill, there’s nothing we find more awe-some than the life of a plant. To breath new life into a retired vintage piece – with not just polish, but something that is actually alive – was a no-brainer. To purchase a potted vintage piece - or two or three - visit the Design Bar, or call 917-426-1841. And be sure to check back with The Plant Hunter, to preview the new pieces being added weekly. Vintage Minis, $18.

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