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Plants in the Home: Bathroom

Posted by The Sill on

One of the most underrated places to keep plants in the home is the bathroom – a number of plants thrive in the warmth and humidity that a bathroom provides. Plus, a new plant is one of the most simple ways to update a bathroom, not to mention brighten your spirit every morning while you’re getting ready for work! Try a hanging plant in the shower or a potted one next to the sink. 

Bathroom Plant recommendations: bird of paradise, fern, philodendron, ZZ, aloe, snake plant, golden pothospeace lily, ivy, and spider plant. 

Browse more inspiration on our Bathroom Plants Pinterest Board


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  • Very helpful site. I have nearly all these plants at our homes in Chennai and it is great to know how each is suited to be indoors at various locations with varying light sources.

    Nirmala on

  • Hi Marika – we’d recommend a ZZ plant or snake plant! Both are table top plants that thrive off neglect and low light :)

    The Sill on

  • I have no windows in my bathroom and have plants throughout the rest of my home and would love to add life to the bathroom with plants but it doesnt get natural light, can you suggest a good hanging plant or table top plant I could place in there?

    thank you so much!

    marika on

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