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Artist Profile: Lesley Anton

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Here at The Sill, we have had and continue to have amazing opportunities to work with a number of incredible artist. We thought it only fair then to share these inspiring people and their work with you! Previously we posted a little Q&A with Lisa Jones, owner of Pigeon Toe ceramics in Portland, Oregon. Now up is Lesley Anton, a Los Angeles-based ceramics artist, whose work is best defined as “organic modern”.

Anton graduated with a degree in graphic design and illustration. However, she it wasn't long after that she realized she preferred to create art in three dimensions, rather than two, and turned her focus to clay in her spare time. After moonlighting as a flight attendant in New York and creating clay pots on her days off, Anton jumped coasts to Los Angeles with her husband and twin daughters. Her skills as a ceramic artist continued to develop and she eventually turned her love for creating the three dimensional into a business. 

Why do we love Anton’s work? We're drawn to her bold silhouettes, quiet color palettes, and heavy textural surfaces marked by deliberate imperfections.

Artist Q&A:
Please describe your artistic style in 3 words. 

Modern, refined, organic.

What or who inspires you the most? 

My husband, Craig; potters Hans Coper, Beatrice Wood, and Axel Salto; Danish ceramics in general; and many more.

What influences can be seen in your work?

I suppose most of my forms can be traced to historic Japanese or Danish inspirations, but with my own additional tweaks. The glazes I have chosen for my pallet are colors from nature, making them easily digestible. 

What materials do you work with? Why? 

I work with clay in general. Specifically porcelain, and black mountain stoneware. I like the way these clays show off the glazes the best. They are also wonderful to throw with. 

Did anything in particular inspire your planter(s) for The Sill? 

The surface textures are a continuation of the newer work that I have been producing for my functional pottery collection Lesley Anton: Utility.

And of course, we love a good love story here. Anton and her husband Craig went to high school together in Omaha, NE, but didn't really know each other. Their paths crossed ten years later in New York when Anton was a flight attendant with American Airlines – the pair ended up living across the street from each other! 

The Rexford, designed by Anton, is available at The Sill. 

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