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New Years Resolutions

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Making lofty New Years resolutions just isn't our style - instead, we're sticking to simple fresh ideas and taking 2013 in stride. We like to think of resolutions as opportunities, and focus on them one day at a time. Over the next month, the team here at The Sill is pulling together our top priorities. 

Atop almost everyone's list is the resolution to exercise more, right? We're upping the ante (and the fun) by resolving to exercise more outside. The fresh air, the vitamin D, the foliage… we're getting excited just thinking about it! Just don't forget to pile on those layers, it is still January after all. 

I. Central Park, Manhattan

5 Ave to Central Park W, 59 St to 110 St

Smack dab in the middle of the island of Manhattan, some may liken Central Park to the heart of the city - something we won't argue with! Six miles of pavement snake through over 800 beautifully landscaped acres providing ample room for walkers, joggers, bikers, skateboards, and skaters alike. Feeling a little adventurous? Work those muscles with a quick climb on the park's many boulders.

II. Marine Park, Brooklyn

Shore Pkwy., Avenue U, Filmore Ave btwn Brigham St, Gerritsen Ave, and Flatbush Ave

BK bound? Check out the hip borough's largest park with over 500 protected acres of grassland and marsh. A Forever Wild preserve, the park boasts serene hiking trails and bicycle greenways. Looking for something a little more unique? Challenge friends to an impromptu game of bocce or cricket. It is Brooklyn after all.


III. Pelham Bay Park, Bronx

Hutchinson River, Long Island Sound btwn Bronc County Line and Middletown Rd, Watt Ave

If you can stomach the commute (or call the Bronx home), this gem is not to be missed. More than 3x the size of Manhattan's Central Park, there are miles of paths and hiking trails to explore along with a breathtaking 13-mile shoreline that hugs the Long Island Sound. If you're looking to push yourself out of your comfort zone - you've made it this far - the park is home to the Bronx Equestrian Center. 


IV. Riverside Park, Manhattan 

Riverside Dr to Hudson River, W 72 St to St Clair Place/158 St

Stretching four miles along the Hudson River, the Upper West Side's Riverside Park is the perfect destination for walkers, joggers, runners - and you! In addition to beautifully manicured paths (complete with views of the Hudson and New Jersey) the park is home to a range of sports courts and fields, a skate park, and the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway for the bicycle enthusiast - hiding in all of us.


All images via City of New York Parks & Recreation. Visit them online at

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