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Mid-week Musings: Botanical iPhone Cases & Gardening Apps

Posted by The Sill on

Our favorite botanical-inspired iPhone Cases: no green thumb required! 

1. Frond iPhone Case, $28 @ Anthropologie 

2. Rose iPhone Case, $16 @ Urban Outfitters

3. DVF Printed iPhone Case, $40 @ ShopBop

4. Tory Burch Elandia Hardshell iPhone Case, $50 @ ShopBop

5. Black Pepper Plant iPhone Case, $49.50 @ Zazzle 

6. Nutmeg Plant Fruit Seeds iPhone Case, $43.95 @ Zazzle 

7. Cacti iPhone Case, $44.95 @ Zazzle 

8. Green iPhone Case, $47.60 @ Zazzle 

9. J.Crew Printed iPhone Case, $25 @ J.Crew


Our favorite smartphone Gardening Apps: for the professional and aspiring, alike! 


1. Vital Almanac, Free

A gardening enthusiast's almanac for growing in line with the phases of the moon, the season and the weather; complete with videos and tips. 


2. Botany Buddy, $9.99

The ultimate tree and shrub guide in the palm of your hand. Gorgeous photos included. 


3. Garden Tracker, $1.99

Size and plan your garden then track its progress once planted - including days to harvest and days since watered and fertilized. 


4. Landscaper's Companion, $4.99

An encyclopedia with visual references of over a thousand plants across 16 categories. 


5. Audubon Wildflowers, $4.99

An in-depth field guide to over 1,600 species of North American Wildflowers. Created in affiliation with the National Audubon Society. 


6. The Plant Doctor, Free

Free access to ten of the most common plant diseases and their causes. A personal diagnosis from a pathologist can also be purchased for a small fee. 

All apps available on iTunes. 

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