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Festive Tree Alternatives for the Eco-Friendly 

Posted by The Sill on

Looking for a chic and festive alternative to a live Christmas Tree? We've rounded-up six of our eco-friendly favorites below. Combining the modern and the traditional, these six are low-maintenance, reusable, and super easy to assemble and store. 

1. Golden Backlit LED Tree 

Gold metal 

Approximately 20"h x 14"w

2. Massimo Recycled Cardboard Tree 

Made of 100% recycled cardboard 

6.5 ft tall 

includes LED lights 

3. Three Piece Cardboard Christmas Tree 

Made of 100% recycled cardboard 

Approximately 55"h x 30"w 

4. Silver Wire Tree 

Silver wire 

Approximately 15"h x 14"w 

5. Plywood Christmas Tree by Buro North


Various sizes available 

6. Christmas Tree Poster 

Save precious floor space 

Approximately 63"h x 47"w

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