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Mid-Week Musings

Posted by The Sill on

This week we're thinking of Thanksgiving of course. Thankful for this festivity of food - amongst our family and friends. This year, we're making table arrangements easy on our guests by setting the table with place cards. While the turkey is in the oven, you too can create a one-of-a-kind tablescape with some of our favorite accessories. 

1. Above. It should come as no surprise that the fan favorite around the office is our teeny tiny succulent. A simple tooth pick, some colored paper, and our trusty glue stick. 

(Click link for visual) 

2. Top. This little guy actually looks quite sophisticated. You can usually find these tiny toys at a craft store. While you're there, pick up some twine and small kraft hangtags. (Courtesy of The Kitchn

3. Bottom Left. These walnut place card holders are perhaps the easiest to make last minute. Open shells slightly with a nutcracker and insert handwritten or printed name cards. (Courtesy of Martha Stewart)

4. Bottom Right. We're still hooked on neon. These pinecone place card holders help to modernize the traditional Thanksgiving table setting. We're thinking about trying them in gold, too! (Courtesy of Camille Styles)

5. Above. Try these monogram cord place cards from Camille Styles. Spell out guests' names with craft cord and coat with fabric stiffener to set in place. (Courtesy of Camille Styles)

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