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Make It Yours: Lively Living Room Shelves

Posted by The Sill on

This weeks inspiration, 'Lea', by artist Bella Foster


Here's how to *MIY* (Make it Yours).

Toolbox by The Sill: Parsons Tower Shelving - West Elm, J.D. Salinger Boxed Set - Anthopologie, St. Jude Ceramic Owl - West Elm, Volcanic Caldera Bowl - Design Within Reach, Beaded Vase - Jonathan Adler, Agave Vase - Jonathan Adler, Husk Vase - Jonathan Adler, Vintage Fashion Books Boxed Set - Anthropologie, Utopia Boy/Girl Bud Vase - Jonathan Adler, Patchwork Coffee Table - West Elm. Books: Human Nature by Michele Oka Doner, Making A House Your Home by Claire Nolan. Artwork: Frank Stella (Misc Black Paintings), Joan Miro "The Red Sun" and "Daybreak". Plants: Hoodfitch Potted Plants - The Sill, Thorburn Potted Plant - The Sill.

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