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Plant Care: Watering 101

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Beware: overwatering is the easiest way to kill an indoor plant. Some plants do just find on a water once-a-week schedule, but it is best to check your plants regularly (every 3 to 4 days) and water only when needed. Ideally, you give the plant just enough water so that its potting mix is moist. Allow it to dry out before watering again. 

How do you determine if your plant is thirsty? You can rely on one of the following methods. 

1. Eye It. 

Small plants, under 4" planters, typically need water as soon as the surface is dry. Take a peak under the foliage to check out the color the potting mix. Moist potting mix will be darker than dry potting mix. You'll soon start to recognize when the potting mix appears dry. 

2. Try it. 

Use your finger tip to check the consistency of the potting mix along the edge of the planter – is it moist? If the first inch of soil is dry, its usually time to water your plant. Try and avoid too much poking, though. You don't want to damage your plant or its roots.

3. Lift it. 

Your potted plant will feel much heavier after it has been watered. If it feels considerably lighter than after a watering, chances are it's thirsty. 


Water your plants with tepid - room temperature - water. They like this very much! 

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