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Style Tips: 3 Must-Haves to Make a Dorm Room A Home

Posted by The Sill on

Most of us were new to the city once. Many of us began our journeys here as students. Constantly asking for directions. Starting sentences with “Where I’m from…” Proudly tacking up our most prized possession (that Bob Marley/Kurt Cobain/Pulp Fiction/or worse, periodic table of mixology poster) on otherwise bare dorm room walls.

It’s that time of year again when the newest NYC transplants storm the city and take up residence at any one of the five borough’s fine colleges and universities. We welcome you! Sure, it may feel strange to live on the 15th floor, eat your meals with 100s of other people, or to go weeks without seeing a real, live patch of grass. But in time, you too will call this crazy, energetic, possibility-filled place “home.” In the meantime, we have a few tips to at least make your dorm room feel more like home away from home.

3 must-haves to make that 10 x 10 dorm room you have (to share) a home:

Tip 1: Plants, of course! 

There’s nothing like adding greenery to a room to make it feel more comforting. And did you know that plants can help to increase your productivity and boost creativity? Now tell us those aren’t two things you’ll need this semester.

Tip 2: Curtains. 

This may be the city that never sleeps, but you have to! Avoid waking up at 6AM after a late night out with simple, but stylish sheers or drapes. We’re partial to the affordable prints at Urban Outfitters

Tip 3: Frames.

While we know posters au natural is so much easier, adding frames to items you hang on your wall is an inexpensive way to add sophistication (don’t worry, not too much - this is college after all) and polish. Group unlike items in similar frames on a wall together and you practically have an art gallery. Grab your friends and take a trip to IKEA in Red Hook where frames start at just $0.99.


Because we know all too well that college students live on tight budgets, we’re giving away three free potted plants to students who share their #1 dorm room style tip with us. Simply post on The Sill’s facebook wall with your tip, and we will notify the three lucky winners on October 1st.

Until then, get back to partying! Oops, we mean studying. 

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