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Artist Profile: Lisa Jones, Pigeon Toe Ceramics

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Photo courtesy of Pigeon Toe and Alicia Carrier

Serial entrepreneur Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, once said, “The best businesses are born out of frustration.” The Sill was created because we realized that while people wanted to incorporate greenery into their living spaces, the variety by which we are able to express ourselves with other home furnishings – color, texture, shape, story – simply didn’t exist for potted plants.

We work with a number of artists to design The Sill’s planters, to offer a solution to this basic frustration. You can see the outcome – in the colors, textures, and shapes of our planters. But what we love most is that these artists often have amazing stories, too – and we want to share them, right here. First up – Lisa Jones, owner of Pigeon Toe ceramics in Portland, Oregon.

Where are you from? 

Spokane, Washington.

Where do you live now? 

I live in Portland, Oregon (since 2003).

How long have you been a ceramicist? 

Pigeon Toe was founded in January 2009. I took ceramics back up for the first time since childhood in November 2008. 

Are you formally trained or self-taught?

Mostly self-taught. I have a BFA but my focus was on photography, video, and graphic design. My college degree is in "Intermedia". 

Please describe your artistic style in 3 words. 

Modern, minimalist, organic.  

What or who inspires you the most?

I love the mid-century modern design movement above all else. On a per-collection basis my influences are generally more abstract though - for example a recent project began with my new interest in traditional basket weaving. 

What influences can be seen in your work? 

My approach is from a design background and not a ceramics one, so my work tends to look a lot different than most potters. My biggest influencers tend to be industrial designers, architects, multimedia artists, or fashion designers.  

What materials do you work with? 

Porcelain, because of how pure and smooth it is. There's no finer (or harder to work with) clay out there. I also strive to incorporate other materials into our work - wood mostly, and sometimes metal. 

Did anything in particular inspire your planter for The Sill? 

I wanted a simple white planter with an off-kilter element to it. Visit the Celia.

Do you have any houseplants? 

Yes! Several succulents, and cacti, too. I also own ZZ plants, a rubber tree, and a few terrariums. 

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