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The Houseplant Has Arrived.

Posted by The Sill on

Plants were not always easy to come by.

There was an amazing time – some 200 to 300+ years ago - when men braved quicksand, escaped wild animals like boars and jaguars, and dodged murder attempts … all in the name of plants.

Crazy, right? They went on great seafaring expeditions and traveled uncharted lands in search of botanical discoveries. Not riches. Botanicals. Linnaeus, Sir Joseph Banks, David Douglas, and so many others. These explorers endangered their LIVES to collect plant specimens. They were horticultural pioneers. And nothing short of badass.

Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus, the father of modern taxonomy, once wrote:

“Good God! When I consider the melancholy fate of so many of [botany’s] votaries I am tempted to ask whether men are in their right minds who so desperately risk life and everything else through their love of collecting plants.”

They may not have been in their right minds, but the ventures of these “botanomaniacs” surely paid off. At the core, plant hunters were treasure seekers. Lucky for us, we reap the rewards of their bounty.

Specifically for New Yorkers, who day in and day out inhabit a concrete jungle, bringing greenery into our homes can be sanity-saving. Houseplants can purify our air, brighten up a room, increase productivity, and help us to sleep better. As modern day plant hunters (OK, we wish) at The Sill, we search out houseplants that thrive in city environments. Beautiful foliage that bestows all the benefits revealed by our plant-loving forefathers, but without the hassle of a voyage on a disease-infested ship.

While we don’t deserve celebrity status like the plant hunters of the Victorian era, we are trying to do our part to give the houseplant its due. Something that gives so much for so little (you can pour a tiny bit o’ water and pull back the curtain for some sun, right??) is deserving of a similarly exquisite container. Yet when we searched for potted plants with the same variety by which we are able to express ourselves with other home furnishings – color, texture, shape, story – we found that what we desired simply didn’t exist.

Enter The Sill - a new destination for discovering (you plant hunter, you!) potted plants that enhance both quality of life and the look and feel of your environment. Our urban-friendly plant finds – long life, easy care, adaptable – are housed in an eclectic mix of containers. Most of these are artist made, in order to strike the perfect balance of function and form – what the plant needs, but all its own a work of art.

The journey was long. Men died. Plastic containers were once king. No more. Finally, the houseplant has arrived.

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