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Easy Apartment Upgrades from Move Loot

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(In celebration of Move Loot's recent launch in NYC - we've partnered with the buy and sell furniture consignment company to share their top tips for easy, budget-friendly rental upgrades. We'll let them take it from here...) 

You’re all moved in to your new rental and ready to nest, but there are a few things holding you back from really feeling at home. Living in a rental can sometimes be frustrating: bad paint jobs, poor light, or a claustrophobia inducing layout. There are lots of ways to improve your space without upsetting your landlord or breaking your lease (or budget, for that matter). 

Move Loot's Easy Upgrades (5 Tips & Tricks) 

- Kitchen Hardware 

Starting in the kitchen, a great way to easily, cheaply, and non-permanently personalize your space is to switch out the hardware. Simply upgrading the knobs and pulls of draws and cabinets can turn a truly awful kitchen into a kitsch-en. Go cute or sleek, either way it will help you feel more at home in your new space. Another option is to remove the cabinet doors altogether for a clean, minimal look.

- Bathroom Fixtures
The fastest and easiest upgrade to create a clean, personalized bathroom is changing out the fixtures. A new showered can go a long way: there is not enough stock put in the restorative power of good water pressure! You can also add extra storage by mounting a medicine cabinet or open shelving on the wall.

- Lighting 

Just by switching out that outdated, grimy shade in your living room you can totally change the lighting and atmosphere of the space. Once you’re ready to move, simply change the fixture back and take yours with you. Also, never underestimate the power of ambient lighting. Table and floor lamps make a space feel like home - and their warm glow will make you and your guests feel at ease.

- Lean-To Storage
Looking to add storage without wall-damaging nails and screws? Forget about wall-mounted shelves - lean-to pieces are where it’s at. Whether it be a desk or bookcase, a wall-leaning piece will add a modern, sleek feel to your space while providing you with versatile work and storage space that doesn’t damage the walls. 
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- Window Dressing
The answer to guy, cheap blinds - curtains, baby, curtains. Curtain rods can be pricy, but it is easy to create your own out of pipes or rods, and the internet is chock full of DIYs. You can go simple, hanging only light sheers, or find a brightly patterned fabric that makes your decor and really livens those windows up. Don’t forget what an impact small plants can make on a wide windowsill - bringing fresh, air-purifying benefits into your home.

You are now armed and ready to make your rental livable, personal, and clean. Make sure you carefully read your lead and discuss any questionable changes with your landlord before making them. 


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(*All images courtesy of Move Loot & friends) 


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